Customer Policies

We ask that our guests:​

  1. Arrive 5 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. This ensures ample time to use the restroom, get settled and complete the consultation. We are located at 10440 Shaker Drive Suite 104B, Columbia, MD 21046. Please text "I'm here" to (443) 832-3970 when you park. Enter through the green door to suite 104. We will meet you in the vestibule and escort you upstairs to our salon on the second floor.

  2. Obtain parent or guardian permission if you are between 14-17 years old for lash extensions. We do not service clients under the age of 16 for lash extensions and age 14 for lash lifts.

  3. Provide 24 hours cancellation notice should you need to cancel or reschedule. You may email, call or text (443) 832-3970. If we receive a cancel request sooner than 24 hours before your appointment, your deposit is forfeited. We understand that things happen from time to time. Exceptions are made on a case by case basis.

  4. Understand that arriving 15 minutes or later than the scheduled appointment time is classified as a no show. The appointment is deeemed a cancelation. You will be invoiced for the balance of your appointment.

  5. Limit reschedules to 2 in a 6 month period. If there are more than that, then we respectfully reserve the right to prohibit future bookings.

  6. Be mindful that appointments are between 30 minutes and 4 hours depending on the service requested. You must be able to lie for the duration of the service. Bathroom breaks should be avoided unless it is absolutely necessary. Stopping during the service greatly reduces the likelihood that you will get the most neat and full looking final result. Additionally, services will end at the allotted time so as not to cause delays in clients whose appointments follow yours.

  7. Arrive to the appointment free of eye makeup, foundation, false strip lashes and lash strip glue.

  8. Remove contacts before your service.

  9. New clients with lash extensions need to book a removal and a full set. We do not work after other lash artists work.

  10. Understand that for refill services, you must have 40% of your lashes remaining. The 40% remaining is AFTER we perform clean up to remove any outgrown lashes.

  11. Understand that less 40% of your lashes left at a refill service will result in full set timing and pricing AND your appointment may have to be rescheduled to accommodate the time. We are not a "do what you can in the time allotted" salon. We want to be sure you get the look you desire and that we perform a complete service that is not rushed.

  12. Agree that in the event an allergic reaction occurs, Pop Lash Beauty Lounge will be notified immediately. We are happy to remove lashes free of charge but the fee for the service is non-refundable. Typically a lash extension related irritation or reaction will occur within the first 24 hours of service. Therefore, free lash removal must occur within 48 hours of your application.

  13. Agree to err on the side of caution by seeing your physician in the event you cannot reach your lash artist regarding an iritation or possible allergic reaction.

  14. Agree to disclose any prior history of allergic reachtions with other lash companies. Even if you are not sure, it is imperative that you disclose ANY reactions from prior lash extensions on your client health profile

  15. Understand that the duration times are estimates; services may take shorter or longer times depending on how dense your natural lashes are.

  16. Do not rush the process. Plan to be there for the estimated duration of your appointment. It is to the lash artists' discretion to immediately stop the appointment should rushed language and questions occur.

  17. Minimize talking. It is impossible to perform the service and maintain social distancing. Our best protection for you, the client, and ourselves is masks and minimal talking. Additionally, most clients' faces move when talking making it extremely difficult to complete this delicate process.

  18. Please do not open your eyes, answer your phone or ask us to read a text or missed call. We are here to provide a service with the upmost quality and speed. Those two things are compromised when the appointment is stopped to provide administrative help. Go ahead and plan to unplug! You deserve this self care time.

  19. Masks are required until further notice. It protects you from illness and it protects your airways from any fumes from the adhesive.

  20. Although it is unlikely, if there is an issue with your service, you must contact us within 24 hours for remediation. Refunds will not be issued for services completed. However, corrections can be made if done so within 5 days of your appointment.

  21. No guests or children are allowed during your appointments. No exceptions. If you bring a guest or a child, your appointment will be canceled and you will be invoiced for the balance of the appointment.

  22. Agree to communicate with respect and integrity to all staff members. Guests that display unprofessional, unkind or unwanted behavior (such as sexual harassment or discrimination) will be asked to leave and not return.

  23. Recognize and respect that our salon is a safe space for people of all backgrounds and differences. 

  24. Respect that last minute requests (requests made with less than 12 hours notice) and off hour requests are just that, requests. We will do our very best to accommodate these requests. 

  25. Take responsiblity for ensuring lash refills are booked in advance to stay on your 2-3 week schedule. Best practice would be to book a refill for two weeks out within 3 days of your current appointment. It is easier to move your appointment than to do a "squeeze in".

  26. Understand and agree that by booking an appointment is confirmation that you have read and agree to these policies in their entirety