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Brow soap is the new thing!


If you're non-committal about more invasive ways to accentuate your brows, then brow soap is for you!


Brow soap (also called brow wax) got its name from its texture. It has a clear, unscented, wax-ish, thick texture that, deliberately, can send the hairs in a certain direction. When used with the mascara wand/spoolie, brow hairs are separated, lifted and sculpted in place.


Brow soap is much stronger than the regular eyebrow gels (that are sold in your regular cosmetic store). 


To use it, simply wet the spoolie, rub it on the brow soap to pick up a small amount then brush your eyebrows.


The result? Fuller, fluffy lashes that are perfectly placed for up to 48 hours!


You will love this product! Try it!

Pop Lash Beauty Brow Soap

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$10.00Sale Price
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