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Icing on the Cake

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Ok, ok.

We admit it.

Despite both of us having a Masters degree in business, running a business is entirely different than learning about running a business.

Academic knowledge can only get you so far.

It really boils down to how you handle the ups and downs, wins and losses, in the trenches moments that make or break your business.

What works for us, may not work for the next beauty business or the ones before us.

But we purposely chose to launch, run and grow our business based on three simple things:

  1. People over profit

  2. Collaboration over competition

  3. Faith over fear

Free defines the idiom " icing on the cake" as an additional benefit or positive aspect to something that is already considered positive or beneficial.

When we started Pop Lashes, we did not anticipate the benefits we would get from working with our guests and other business owners.

Recently, we had the opportunity to service a client who had gone through two rounds of chemotherapy.

She was a feisty, strong and caring breast cancer survivor.

When she booked, she put in the notes that she had very sparse lashes due to cancer.

We knew that without a doubt, we had to make her experience as peaceful and satisfactory as possible.

And we did just that!

She was so happy with being able to look more like her old self.

Her smile was priceless!

She stood a bit more upright.

You see, these experiences are priceless.

The genuine people connections we did not expect has given us the blessings of...

New found friendships.

New found partnerships.

Our icing on the cake!

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